It is free to post an ad for a service. Providers who sign up to Give-Me-A-Price may pay a small monthly fee in order to be able to respond to ads. The Advertiser has no obligation to hire any of the providers who express interest in performing an advertised service.

The handling of information on the web site

Give-Me-A-Price takes handling of all information provided by you very seriously and respect your privacy. Give-Me-A-Price is fully PCI DSS Compliant and all information is encrypted and secure. We do not sell, trade or share personal information with organisations or individuals not connected with the Service. By registering a request on Give-Me-A-Price you enable a few service providers the possibility to contact you. In order for them to provide you a price quote for the job your contact details will be displayed to those providers who are interested. You can close your ad at any time through your account on Give-Me-A-Price as soon as you do not wish to receive further quotes or messages. If you do not close your requests yourself it will happen automatically after 30 days.

Apart from these interested providers Give-Me-A-Price may also contact you to notify you about new information regarding your request, to ask you to give your rating on a provider you may have selected or to inform you about news concerning Give-Me-A-Price's products or offers from a partner to us.

User information

Information given registered by the users on Give-Me-A-Price is saved in a database owned by Give-Me-A-Price. Apart from the contact information (see handling of which above) information about your request is saved, e.g. which service category it concerns and the providers who contacted you. Give-Me-A-Price uses this information to match your request to the right providers. Information about the request and your contact details are only displayed to a handful of providers registered on Give-Me-A-Price and if applicable name and information of registered requests on Give-Me-A-Price to contacts within your social network on the internet. Apart from your contact information and the information in your service request Give-Me-A-Price collects information about how you found our site through cookies which helps us to improve the site and configure it to your use.

If you disapprove of how we handle this information you cannot use Give-Me-A-Price's web service. In this case, you should not activate your request. You may un-subscribe from news email or similar communication from Give-Me-A-Price by clicking a link in these emails or by reporting it to Give-Me-A-Price user support by sending us an email.

Incorrect information

Every user takes responsibility for the information you register, that it is accurate and provided with honest intention. In the case you have given wrong information you should correct this quickly through your account on Give-Me-A-Price or by sending a message to Give-Me-A-Price with details of the error. Give-Me-A-Price has the right to close or edit information on a user account or information if there is reason to believe information is incorrect, misused or to follow the law. All users on Give-Me-A-Price are encouraged to act respectfully of other users with whom you might come into contact with through the service.

Responsibility for services performed

Give-Me-A-Price only acts as an intermediary of the contact between the Advertiser (the person who posts an ad) and the Provider responding to this request. Give-Me-A-Price has no part in any of the potential business agreements which may occur between an Advertiser and a Provider as a result of using our service. Note that Give-Me-A-Price does not have full control of all information provided by users of the site.