Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions and answers which we often deal with. If you have a question that is not covered here, please contact us.

When do I need to contact the customer?

Your commitment is to contact them within 24 hours to stand the best chance of winning the work. We find that our most successful businesses are the ones who promptly contact prospective customers. Customers want to know that their request has been received and that someone is able to help.

I received the following message: Advertisement Closed- what does it mean?

It means that the customer has accepted a quote from another provider and has closed the advertisement. The customer has received enough quotes and have accepted their preferred one. You do not have to contact the consumer immediately, however the sooner you call the consumer the more likely you are of winning the work.

I did not get the job?

The job/leads opportunities that Give me a price sends you are just that - opportunities. We don't guarantee that you'll win the work, and on every job you will be competing with one or few other providers for the work.

What is a provider?

A provider is a business or local business or trades person that delivers services. Providers are represented across over hundreds of types of services, from plumbers & electricians through to solicitors & accountants.

How long does it take before I start getting responses?

Our system is completely automated, so when you submit a job it immediately starts to notify local businesses that there's a new job available for them. You may start receiving responses immediately. The businesses who respond have up to 24 hours to contact you.

Where can I find all the responses for my advertisement?

A record of all businesses who responded to your job can be found on our website through your personalised online portal. Log in to your account to find the job that you posted, and all businesses who responded are listed under view messages.

Can I cancel an advertisement?

Yes.To do this, log onto your portal and view the relevant job. If you've received responses already or If you've had no responses yet just click on 'End'.

Would I get calls in response to my advertisements?

No unless you chose to give your contact number to the business who is responding to your advertisement.

What is a Local Deal?

Any Business subscriber can add any number of special offers or promotions in their account area. Local Deals are shown on a dedicated page with a thumbnail image, your Deal headline and the first line of text. People can search by area or business type and click through to the full detail shown on your business profile page. Make sure your contact details are up to date as users will get in touch with you direct.

How do I complain about poor workmanship?

The first thing you should do is contact us immediately. Give-Me-A-Price.Co.UK (GMAP) takes all complaints seriously especially when poor work has been carried out by the provider. Although we cannot intervene with any disputes directly, GMAP will always suggest that you contact the provider involved and try to resolve the situation amicably. It is imperative that these situations are captured and highlighted in the feedback/review to help others in choosing the right provider.